We are in the business of filling labour and skills shortages that are difficult to match. Most companies experience labour and skills gaps with varying frequency. We can find the right personnel and train them to the level that is required for them to be placed successfully in the vacancies that companies find hard to fill.

M-Capital uses its expertise to carry out talent mapping in the key sectors within a city. We collect labour market intelligence and use it to design bespoke training courses for unemployed migrants and subsequently place them in job vacancies. Our tailor-made solution to business and local government needs ensures that placed migrants fulfil needs that are otherwise unmet by tapping into a talent pool which is largely overlooked.

Our tailor-made training programs are based on specific business needs to ensure practical and effective solutions.

This innovative approach of working with businesses, local city governments, and migrants will help alleviate the challenge faced by all three groups at the same time.

Migration, if understood and managed correctly, can be beneficial to businesses, society and government.


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